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Rana Plaza: Two years on

Friday 24th Apr 2015 (Latest News, Asia and the Pacific, Garment Sector)

Two years after the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh, the ILO has helped many survivors get back on their feet and back to work, two of whom have opened their own successful businesses and are thinking big for the future.

In addition, Farzana Islam opens up about her experiences on the front line to ensuring no such disaster happens again. As a labour inspector in Bangladesh, she helps ensure the safety and rights of ready-made garment workers with the support of the ILO. 

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Duration:                                 03:41:03

Location:                                 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Production date:                     24 April 2015 (shot in late March, early April 2015)

Audio:                                     nat sound

Rights:                                     All ILO audio-visual material is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 IGO license:

Video type:                             B-roll

Keywords:                               Rana Plaza, ready-made garment sector (RMG), ready-made garment workers, disabled worker,

Contact:                         , tel: 0041 22 799 7935





GVs of Nasir Uddin Sohel and his garment factory in Bangladesh.


Sound bites from Nasir Uddin Sohel:

My name is Nasir Uddin Sohel. 


I worked in a garment factory on the seventh floor of Rana Plaza. When it collapsed, I was trapped for around six hours. I did not have any major injuries, but I am still haunted by it.


I cannot work in big buildings or multi-storied factories anymore.


Sound bites over GVs of garment factory in Bangladesh.

I wanted to start my own factory. I had a plan – to buy two sewing machines and to make tights.


While I was planning, I received fifty thousand taka through the ILO.


This turned my plans into a factory.


GVs of labour inspection of factory in Bangladesh by Farzana Islam.


Sound bites from Farzana Islam:

My name is Farzana Islam. I work for the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) as a labor inspector.


I like doing this because it’s an honorable job.


Sound bites over GVs of garment factory labour inspection:

I like to interact closely with workers and factory management.


This close relationship inspires me a lot.


Sound bites over GVs of garment factory labour inspection:

If a worker says that he or she has not received their salary for three months, I help solve the problem. It really gives me a lot of satisfaction.


When factory management wants to know about compliance issues, I do my best to help them understand. We place emphasis on labor issues like leave, salary and overtime. We explain what the Labour Law says about these things.


When I started this job I lacked knowledge about inspection. We received training from ILO and other organizations and we learnt a lot about doing inspections.


Being a woman I take this profession as a challenge.  Every day my female colleagues and I go to factories. We do not face any problems or anything awkward.


In the past, some factories were good while others were not. But now the picture has changed a lot, even the less compliant factories are trying hard to improve.


Inspections by DIFE and other agencies have helped factories that did not comply to improve a lot. I think that the Bangladesh garment industry will get even better in the future.


GVs of Shahjahan Selim’s shop.


Sound bites from Shahjahan Selim:

On 24 April, around 8:30am, workers were scared to go inside the building, but factory management assured them there was no problem.


At 8:54am the electrical generators started and the building collapsed.


I rescued 37 people alive and recovered 28 dead bodies.


While rescuing people, I fell from the fourth floor and shattered my backbone. I did nothing exceptional. It was a small contribution.


Afterwards I received training from ILO through CSID and Action Aid.


Sound bites over GVs of people coming to shop:

They gave me advice and some training.


As I cannot do hard work now; they advised me that I could open a shop. I liked this idea, so I started this shop with their help.


GVs of Shahjahan Selim’s shop.


GVs of Shahjahan Selim’s son Rafiul helping his father to work.


Sound bites of Shahjahan Selim’s over GVs of his son helping work:

My dream is to make the shop bigger and offer a better life to my son.


That is my dream.



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